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Two ninjas' fought in an open feild, sending blood to the ground. They were sworn enimies and everyone knew this.
The blonde ninja from the leaf was a lot younger than the Oto ninja. He had three markings on his cheeks and an orange and black uniform on. His chest, arms, and legs had many cuts on them, but he kept lunging at the older snake man.
The black haired sound ninja smirked everytime the blonde missed him. He always got the upper hand when the boy missed him, so he gave the kid another cut on his back. More blood was sent to the ground.
"Now will you give up Kyuubi?" Th sound nin asked.
"Never!" The blonde shouted at him and tried another time to get him, it didn't work.
"Then die!" He sent his katana down Naruto's back, but hit the ground instead throught a puff of smoke. "When did he..?"
"Up here snake!" Naruto yelled as he sent his foot into Orochimaru's face. He hurried and got up to give the blonde a death galre.
"You'll pay for that Kyuubi!" He shouted and ran over toward
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I just want to warn everyone about a malicious hacker and art thief here on DA going by the name of Mangakiss. I was kindly warned about this p.o.s by a fellow deviant after being stupid enough to thank this scum for adding a piece of mine to his favorites. After going over the evidence this deviant provided, I felt compelled to give this warning. Below are the links I was given.







also, here is the proof that Mangakiss is an Art Thief/Hacker/Ban Evader.



Please add them to the banned user list and copy and paste this to your journal to spread the word about this filth so we can prevent anymore theft from them.


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I'm a rather twisted fanfic writer who LOVES anime, manga, and video games.

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Which elven house of Finwe's son would you fit in?
Feanor Prince Feanor wasn't called "the spirit of fire" for nothing. He was known to be quick in temper, but also a genius. The Silmaril gems which Morgoth later stole were made from the divine light of the Two Trees by Feanor.

His wife was Nerdanel, and he had seven sons with her: Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin, Amrod and Amras. Nerdanel was wise, and she could calm him down when the fire in his heart got too hot. However, when Feanor and his sons swore the oath, Nerdanel stayed in Aman.

Soon after Feanor and his people did the grievous deed of slaying some of the other High-Elves and stealing their ships to escape to Middle-Earth. Soon after Feanor himself died in battle, and unlike rest of the Elves he won't return to life until the end of the world, where he is part of the prophecy where he makes up his past by returning the light to the Trees.

Celebrimbor who was the son of Curufin forged the three Elven Rings of Power mentioned on Lord of the Rings.
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In which Game of Thrones house do you belong?

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You're the brains of the group, always thinking several steps ahead. You're always cool and collected, rarely rattled and always thinking up new plans. You're a reader, looking up lore and information. You value intelligence highly, and never make rash decisions. You always consider every possibility before making your choice, and tend to see every issue in your life as an equation to be carefully solved. Your contemplative nature makes you quiet and mysterious, and people have a difficult time figuring out what you're thinking. You love sarcasm and irony.Some consider you cold and distant, due to your actions considering logic more than emotion- and the fact that you rarely show excessive emotion. You don't see any problems with manipulating others to get what you need as long as your intentions are good. You hate explaining yourself to others, so you don't. However, you are a loyal person with a sense of justice and good, so even when you seem to be the bad guy, you aren't.

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